To Clients

List of documents required to provide the contracting organization (qualifications)

  1. Certificate of state registration of legal entity (PSRN);
  2. Certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on state registration of amendments to the constituent documents of a legal entity;
  3. Certificate of registration of legal entity in the tax authority (TIN);
  4. Licenses / to carry out certain activities /; - Enable / Rostekhnadzor /; - Certificates / Compliance /; 
  5. The power of attorney for the person authorized to carry out the legal and factual actions to commit civil transactions (in the case of not signing the head);
  6. Protocol (decision) and ordered the appointment of the head;
  7. Charter;
  8. Bank details;
  9. References and customer feedback;
  10. Balance Sheet for the year.

Our Partners

We always appreciate and tied for first place honesty and integrity in relationships with partners. We are committed to constructive dialogue, respect for each other's interests and compliance with the law. We believe that high enough to establish professional bar in the industry and try to follow it religiously. Deadlines and contractual relationships, regardless of changes in short-term conditions - the main thing that sets us apart from many other trading companies, and not only in the oil market.

Prudence and caution on the stage of the transaction, efficiency and punctuality during its conduct, the joy of creativity, optimism and confidence in the future. These qualities distinguish not only us, but also our valued partners - companies, backed by real people with whom pleasant to communicate and conduct business.

The company long-term business cooperation with whom we cherish, with whom we grow professionally and cultivating. We rejoice in the success of our partners and friends to communicate to them the words of our admiration, Including from our joint activities:

Delivery of products produced in any part of the Russian Federation.
We offer estimates for the auto / railway delivery, delivery by vessel or self, allowing you to choose the best option for reasons of time and cost.

Shipping cost may be included in the bill, delivery may be paid before delivery.

Clearance Deals in the obtaining of oil sent by facsimile or e-mail to our address

The contact person:
Lyudkovskii Peter Georgovich, Deputy General Director of Sales and Export.
Тел: +7(495) 297-3539,