procurement and implementation

The company "Zaural Oil Refinery" can offer a full range of services in the framework of the implementation of projects in the following areas:

  • oil refining
  • oil product storage
  • Prepare to transport petroleum
  • Quality control

Sale of petroleum products: without intermediaries and overpayments

Продажа нефтепродуктов: без посредников и переплатAll the activities of the company "Zaural Oil Refinery" is based on a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We do not seek short-term profit. All dark and light oil products are purchased directly from the major refineries, with whom we have established a strong partnership. Due to this, delivery of petroleum products to the consumer is carried out in the shortest possible time, and the price is very democratic.

Prompt delivery of petroleum products in any volume

Оперативная доставка нефтепродуктов в любых объемах

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles, equipped with modern means of transport. This ensures timely shipment and transportation of petroleum products in any volume, without failures and delays. Thus, achieved lower logistics costs, and as a result - more friendly pricing for consumers.

Zauralsky NPZ - Guaranteed Quality Control

Качество — на первом месте!

We are proud to work with their regular customers, because their number - a pledge of our good work and excellent product quality. During the long years of the company, our oil to ensure smooth operation of thousands of mechanisms. They all meet the state standards, have quality certificates and required documentation manufacturers.

At all stages of the production quality of the products is given special attention. We carefully monitor compliance with the conditions of storage, sale and transportation of fuel. The company "Zaural Oil Refinery" predostovlyaet passport oil

Quality- control is a difficult task that requires a comprehensive approach to the solution. And that's integrated approach enables "Rosneft"ensure the quality of the fuel filling complex in any company network..Image result for ЗАО «Колванефть» логотип

In refineries Company in accordance with the current requirements of large-scale program of modernization, which implies a significant increase in the depth of processing and the quality of oil products (motor fuels will comply with European environmental class "Euro-4").

Wholesale petroleum products at affordable price

Нефтепродукты оптом по демократичной ценеOur marketing strategy includes the dynamics of growth in sales of fuel and long-term cooperation with the customer. All this defines a favorable price conditions: gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, and many other petroleum products you can buy at an attractive price. Cost of products listed in the price: it is not affected by any subjective factors.

Our experts will help you to calculate the right amount of fuel to order. Depending on its features, you can buy wholesale petroleum products by self or use transportation services company.

Zauralsky NPZ is reliable and secure:

  • The actual volumes of oil products in the right quantity;
  • Deliveries directly without intermediaries - directly from our refinery;
  • Highest quality requirements;
  • Reasonable price and an individual approach;
  • Prompt delivery tank trucks own fleet;
  • Payment upon shipment, flexible conditions for regular customers.;