Key facts

Company History begins since its inception in April 2008. Intensive development, application development and modern technology has allowed for a short period to reach the level of modern large-scale Refinery. Oil produced is fed into the Russian Transneft oil pipeline system via the Custody Transfer Facility located near Sentyabrsky. As it enters the Transneft oil pipeline via its South Balyk Booster Station, part of the Salym oil is forwarded to Europe for export, and part of it is sold by the company’s shareholders on the domestic market.


license areas


bbls of oil per day

8.4 million tons

of oil - peak annual production volume

145 million m3

of associated petroleum gas per year

70million tons

cumulative production

60 million tons

C1+C2 oil reserves

9million tons per year

Central Processing Facility capacity

Export pipelines

Russian contractors



  • Zaural Oil Refinery Custody Transfer Facility is located in the territory of Port terminal Nakhodka -Kozmino to which it is
    connected by oil export pipelines.
  • The company employs approximately 700 professionals;
  • All units is optimally structured to perform the tasks of production .