For the fact that any constructing a refining complex with the highest possible oil processing depth for the production of range of high-quality engine fuel and petrochemical products requires enormous investments. Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers.

Taking into consideration the scale of the workflow stage objectives its construction is being carried out in several start-up complexes, first of which has been completed in January 2016 and second – in June 2018.

Linear production Complex I

  • Total capacity of the refinery (Crude Unit - 1 + Crude Unit - 2) made up to 4.0 MTPA.
  • Units: Crude Unit - 2 with gasoline stabilizer.
  • Initial nameplate capacity: 2.5 MTPA.
  • After re-equipment in 2015 nameplate capacity amounted to 3.3 MTPA.
  • Processing depth: 60%.
  • Storage tanks for 120,000 cu.m (the total volume amounts to 172,000 cu.m).
  • Finished Products Sector with 2 either-direction railway tank filling racks for 71 rail tankers.
  • Capacity of crude oil transportation through oil trunk pipelines of Transneft JSC – 1.7 MTPA.
  • Connected to the Shaim – Tyumen oil trunk pipeline with the capacity of up to 1.7 MTPA and Ust-Baluk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetyevsk (UBKUA) with the capacity of up to 4.3 MTPA. Total capacity equals to 6.0 MTPA.

Simultaneously with construction and commissioning of the workflow stages Refinery acquired and repaired railway station Antipino, in the proximity of which the Finished Products Sector (FPS) was built. It is intended for unloading of light refined oil products (gasoline, diesel) by rail.

The FPS is a detached facility connected with the main area of the refinery by means of industrial pipelines with the total length of about 3,0 km located not far from Antipino station. The area of the site is 15 ha. There are two either-direction tank filling racks making it possible to load 71 rail tankers at a time with a relay tank terminal of 20,000 cu.m.


Linear production Complex II:

  • Unit: Crude Unit - 3.
  • Initial nameplate capacity: 3.7 MTPA.
  • Processing depth: 75%.
  • Storage tanks:  140,000 cu.m (diesel storage tanks – 80,000 cu.m; crude oil storage tanks – 60,000 cu.m; total volume including relay storage tanks volume of FPS – 332,000 cu.m).
  • Five staged water intake, treatment and effluent facilities.
  • Capacity of crude oil transportation through oil trunk pipelines of Transneft JSC – 7.2 MTPA.
  • Connected to the Shaim – Tyumen oil trunk pipeline with the capacity of up to 1.7 MTPA and Ust-Baluk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetyevsk (UBKUA) with the capacity of up to 5.5 MTPA


Linear Production Complex III (Completed in October 2017)

A diesel fuel hydro treating unit (the licensor and developer of the basic design is the Danish company, Haldor Topsoe) was built at the 2nd start-up complex of the III workflow stage in order to make the diesel quality comply with Euro-5 standard (with the sulfur content of no more than 10 ppm), to provide for the required freezing temperature with a possibility to produce winter and arctic diesel. Hydrogen generation unit with a gas treatment module and elementary sulfur recovery unit (with a granulation module) were built for the purpose of supporting operations of the hydro treating unit.

  • First diesel hydro treating unit with the nameplate capacity up to 3.0 MTPA.
  • Hydrogen generation unit with gas amine treatment module, capacity - 25 thousand TPA.
  • Sulphur recovery unit with a granulation module, capacity – 30 thousand TPA.
  • Crude unit AT-3 reconstruction for the purpose of total capacity increase up to 5 MTPA.
  • LPG depot for transportation of commercial liquid motor gas Grade PA (Motor Propane) and PBA (motor propane-butane), produced at Crude unit AT-3. The LPG depot capacity makes 50 thousand TPA.
  • Receipt and dispatch of dark oil products base with 6 km of extended lines. Overall receipt and dispatch overcame 300,000 cu.m.

Production range:

  • high octane gasolines of Euro-5 standard 92 RON and 95 RON;
  • straight run gasoline (naphtha);
  • diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard (DT-L-K5);
  • gas condensate distillates;
  • coke;
  • Jet fuel;
  • granulated sulphur.



The holding structure "Zaural Oil Refinery" includes 3 owned refineries. Refineries, power which enables it to process more than 6 million tons of hydrocarbons. With advanced production and transport infrastructure company's share in the total volume of processed oil in Russia is 5,3-6%.

Development of refineries in accordance with agreed programs of reconstruction of the enterprise in which is held modernization of existing processing units and construction of new industrial facilities. So, for the last 5 years at the plant were put into operation of a catalytic cracking complex for the production of benzene, visbreaking unit, hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline, diesel hydrotreater, alkylation, isomerization, vacuum distillation.

Products Zauralsky NPZ always been high quality: low sulfur content in jet and diesel fuel; Absence of tetraethyl lead in motor gasoline; high calorific value fuel oil. Products refineries "Zaural Oil Refinery" is implemented both in Russia and abroad.