Environmental Responsibility

In the construction and revamping of its facilities Zaural Refinery is guided by the principle of minimizing the impact of the enterprise’s production process on the environment; these issues are part and parcel of the enterprise’s business activity management system.

When implementing projects, the investment program should be based on more advanced and safer technologies. All new facilities comply with high safety standards. Commissioning in 2017, the installation of primary oil production ELOU AVT-6 embodied all the latest technical solutions to make production as environmentally friendly as possible.

So, each installation unit is equipped with two underground tanks of a closed drainage system. Their use in the preparation of equipment for repairs eliminates additional emissions into the atmosphere and the sewage system.

The Environmental Policy was developed and put in place at Zaural Oil Refinery.

The senior management of Zaural Oil Refinery considers the reduction of the negative environmental impact as one of its strategic purposes in the planning of long-term and sustainable development.

The management is committed to:

  • continuous reduction of the production environmental pressure;
  • compliance by the Company with the applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • resource support of the environmental policy in the Company.

Principles of the Environmental Policy:

  • continuous improvement and enhancement of the efficiency of the Environmental Management Administration System as part of the Integrated Management System;
  • introduction of advanced technologies minimising the negative environmental impact;
  • improvement/maintenance of the environmental characteristics of the products;
  • employees environmental training and awareness;
  • compliance with the environmental protection laws and regulations of the Russian Federation;
  • reporting on the environmental protection to the employees of the Company and other parties concerned