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Zaural Refinery has long been a leader on the market of production of quality oil products. The linear production-despatch points connected to the oil trunk pipeline (total capacity equals to 7.5 MTPA) and product trunk pipeline (total capacity equals to 2.3 MTPA) which capacity equals 7.5 MTPA, the quality of diesel complies with Euro-5 standard and in 2016 the processing depth has grown up to 98%. In 2018 the quality of gasolines complied with Euro-5 standard.

Today, Zaural Oil Refinery is a modern, open, dynamic company heavily investing in the construction of new and upgrading of existing facilities and planning a diversified development of the production base in central Russia to improve the efficiency of natural resources utilization and increase the production of petroleum products meeting the highest quality standards by implementing the most cutting edge deep conversion processes.

We seek to become a company that is characterized not only by top-notch production performance, but also by high health, safety and environmental standards and social commitment. It is very important to us that in the region where we operate, Zaural Oil Refinery is regarded as an operator who appreciates local social and economic issues and makes an appropriate contribution to resolving them. We also attach great importance to such core ethical values as honesty, integrity and respect for people. These are an integral part of our corporate culture and business practice.

Based on these principles and values, the Zaural Refinery team is working on the  Zaural Project with great devotion and interest. We are confident that its successful implementation will contribute to the growth of the oil sector and to further economic development of Western Siberia and Russia as a whole


640002 , Kurgan region , Kurgan city , Uritsky street, house 36
тел.: +7(495) 297-3539,  (35248) 9-12-91
e-mail: info@znpz.ru,
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